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The Toolkit

Populate table using elements of arrays to apply style by calling Javascript in HTML. Call this one first before in loads up, then another one after the text has been printed out.

Toolkit walks left to right across the top then monkey comes from other side and throws tools in a generally random manner.

This page is designed for two audiences.

The first audience is people who want to find a talented mobile application or website developer. For this audience, the goal is to give an idea of the types of tools that can be used. Playing with the toolkit below will help to develop ideas according to tools that this developer can easily integrate into the application or site.

The second audience is other web developers. The more experienced among them are essentially invited to borrow any of the code below and in exchange are requested to provide feedback on quality code or secure and tasteful implementation of these tools. The less experienced among them are invited to request documentation for use of elements of this toolkit in various platforms, and are required to satisfy one of the specified modes of payment to access further documentation on how/when to apply these tools.

This page is optimized for people, not search engines. If you arrived at this page through Google, please message for a prize.

For people looking for web or mobile development services:

  • Please peruse the offerings below. This site is provided free of charge for informational purposes. It is not designed to sound off bells and whistles, rather, it aims to keep it simple while giving you some ideas of what can be done.
  • The process of working through options in the table should lend confidence that this developed is attuned to your business development needs.
  • After you have made use of this page for your own research and development purposes, please fill out the table and click "send", along with a short description of the project and your estimated budget.

For developers who wish to use the code or access documentation:

  • If you want the code and know how to use it, it is there. However, if you plan to use it, please use the form below to suggest better ways to program the feature or would like to suggest a modification of the tool.
  • To access documentation on applying the tool in different development environments, how it relates to security and privacy, and tailoring/modifying the tool to a specific context, the first documenation is provided free of charge. Afterwards, two payment options are given: a sliding scale payment of 10c-$10 applies, and the option to provide constructive feedback on other documentation is always accepted as a means of payment to access furher documentation.
  • To request assistance on a project, fill out the form.

Getting to know the toolkit. Our imagination is the limit. KISS.

The objective of this section is to help to stimulate your imagination so you will get what you want, so you can help your clientele get what they want.

Item #

Option type

(Make it required)


Importance of feature (1-10)

Comments (200 char max)

(Slider for max characters, apparently jQuery is good for this: show(); hide(); slideDown(); slideUp(); fadeIn(); fadeOut();)

Click for a surprise!

Item 1.


If you type "blue" and click the button it will turn blue. Click the button.

Find your tone:

User trade-off between control and simplicity. (Shown in vertical slider which provides additional options for user control over things from colour to data, with specific measures appearing along the slider progressively while dragging it up and down ... " + requirement1 \n + requirement2, etc.".)

(The printout is not centered. That's because I'm using the default box instead of making my own.)

Item 2.

Target audience:

By development platform:

Android iPhone Traditional web browser

By age:

Baby Toddler Pre-teen Teenager Student/young adult Professionals Blue collar Semi-retired Retired

By geographic location:

Canada West Africa Asia
Middle East Other

By social media outlet (hold down Ctrl to select multiple):

If you selected "Other" or "Traditional", feel free to provide additional details. (This should pop up as an option when that is selected).
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


Item 3.

Payment options:

There are many ways to skin a cat.

Credit Card Bank transfer Paypal
Cheque (ticket #)
Here I want to make a very basic slider. It starts at 5, and goes up and down by 0.5 intervals by clicking on a left or right button. No grabbing the dial. The number should be displayed each time when they click up and down.

Item 4.


Names help transactions go smoothly. Otherwise, who cares if Billy goes by Bob or Bob Billy?

  Real name
Click anywhere on a scale from 1 to 10 and see where you clicked to one decimal place.

Item 5.

Privacy options:

How much to you need to know? How much do they need to know? How much is trust worth?

User control Vendor access
Mixed (please specify)
Here I would like to insert a slider knob, like you're turning up and down a switch. The number should be shown in the middle. Comments:

Item 6.


Why not host a harmless browser game or two? Here are some suggestions.

Other (please specify)


There's a canvas after here. Don't know how to use it yet.

Click on a 100 pixel square diagram. 1-10 on x-axis for how important it is to you, and 1-10 on y-axis for how important you think it is to your clientele.

Item 7.

Product environment:

Design and interfacing optimization will vary from one environment to another. Which one is most worth your while to start with?

Mobile application Mobile platform Traditional site development Other (please specify)
Touch screen-enabled slider here. Clicking on it leads to a popup with a phone number layout of numbers which they can use to enter the numbers one at a time. Another mile?

This button doesn't do anything. How much confidence will they have in your product if your buttons can't be pushed?
Item 8.


Get a quality translation done in one of these languages:

Recommend a translator for another language:
Tell us how you feel in colours:
Nature of project:

Would you be more likely to do business with people who speak your language?

Item 9.

Revenue model:

Develop resources to contribute to organizational objectives, whether profit or otherwise. What's in it for you?
Promote services (non-shipping)
Ads for third party sales (non-shipping)
Sale of goods
Social benefit
Personal interest
What does value added mean to you?
Two small buttons for up and down, or enter directly, the value in a box, which is annual fixed development costs. Then, a comparison of potential returns through various advertising strategies (pay per click and conversion for some website types, or perhaps some estimation of good will and branding which may help to uphold the value of other sales, such as by providing additional information/availability to clients). Your bottom line:

Item 10.

User input validation:

What is the minimum information you need to be worth accepting a form?

Email address: Anything goes
Entry required
Verify it?

Full name: Anything goes
Entry required
Verify it?

Phone number: Anything goes
Entry required
Verify it?

Postal address: Anything goes
Entry required
Verify it?

Employer: Anything goes
Entry required
Verify it?

Education: Anything goes
Entry required
Verify it?
With each additional specification, the face gets darker and darker red, until finally smoke starts to come out of his ears. for the last two. Your bottom line:

Item 12.

Learn by helping programmers at Javascript

Learn by helping programmers at HTML

Learn by helping programmers at CSS

Your bottom line:

Item 13.

Links by image, text or complex conditions?

Link by image:
Link by text:
Link after complex conditions:
Your bottom line:

Item 14.

Mash it up.

Enter your address to Get directions to see if you're close. If airline services are required please check orbitz or one of the others.
Your bottom line:

Item 15.

Embed video content without eating up server bandwidth

Or host your own video content in .swf Flash format

Try again, now with a script

And embedded music for Chrome users (tune your guitar)

Your bottom line:

Item 15. A start or a close?

Find a url that reliably produces a relatively recent exchange rate (say something like "powered by"), so the user can state the budget in any currency they like, with a 6% surcharge for non-CAD, USD, EUR currencies.
Would be even better if 20-30 datapoints could be obtained for visuals, and user select most recent versus last month or year).
Constructive feedback is good networking:

Submit this item only:

Submit all input simultaneously:

Check this box to save all inputs in cookies instead of complete flushing upon submitting the entire form.

Item 16. Interactivity?

Anything is possible with a budget. Constructive feedback is good networking:

Submit this item only:

Submit everything:

Save inputs in cookie so you can continue any time.

Item 17. Options Interface
How much space do you have to work with? The advanced button to the left is not very useful in a 300 pixel world. Constructive feedback is good networking:

Submit this item only:

Submit everything:

Save inputs in cookie so you can continue any time.

If I want to put options on the right to select things about these, or to click for more/other types of information, then I could put it in tables and use checkboxes to collect information if they would want to proceed to to payment.

One column for each: item, type, sample or description, select as element of interest, and an input text box (max 200 characters each) to provide additional description.

Of course, I could use mod together with row numbers to automate the colouring instead of entering it manually for each one.